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Theres no denying that the 2000's were a defining decade. And there's no denying that every other decade was just as definintive. I often wondered why I would look back so often in awe of the times I grew up in, feeling pitiful that I didn't take full advantage of what seemed to be the last generation without social media. The museum of 'I <3 Nostalgia' quintessentially introspectively looks at the rare aesthetics of growing up and why this feeling of comfortable nostalgia doesn't just have to mean memories. key themes of senses navigate from collection to collection, radiating an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. involving touch, smell and hearing, as well as the obvious defining aethtsics of growing up.

In a time of isolation and loneliness, introspect has been a way of escapism. It allows us to connect with the peaks of our past and encourages us to keep going. the idea we are able to feel nostalgic for times before COVID seems uncomfortable in ways that cannot be described. being nostalgic for a time of mundane, a time of routine and business, a time of sleepless nights and early mornings. we are craving the little details of what 'normal' life felt like. the exchanging of hugs. the sounds of laughter through pubs. Nostalgia can feel good and it can feel uncomfortable. The museum of 'I <3 Nostalgia' discusses the uncomfortable and comfortable.

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